• Weather and traditions in Oxford and the UK

    The UK enjoys four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Temperatures and the natural environment change dramatically from season to season.

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    Weather - summer

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    Weather - winter

    Located in the South of England, Oxford enjoys some of the best weather in the UK and daytime temperatures can range from a warm 28 degrees Celsius in the summer to -3 Celsius in winter. A range of clothing is useful to match these seasons, with t-shirts and shorts and light trousers useful in the summer and a warm coat, gloves, hat and scarf needed for the winter.

    UK weather can also be unpredictable with a warm sunny morning turning into a chilly, rainy, windy afternoon, so a small umbrella is recommended.

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    A number of festive holidays are celebrated in Oxford and the UK including:

    Weather - valentines
    Valentine’s Day – on 14 February where lovers and admirers exchange cards and gifts, often anonymously.

    Weather - easter 2
    Easter – a Christian festival which falls in March or April, and is traditionally celebrated with chocolate Easter eggs.

    Weather - halloween
    Halloween – 31 October on All Hallows’ Eve, a festival of pumpkin lanterns, witches and wizards where children call at each other’s houses ‘Trick or Treating’.

    Weather - fireworks
    Bonfire Night – 5 November with fireworks and bonfires, celebrating the failed attempt of Guy Falkes to blow up the Houses of Parliament

    Weather - christmas
    Christmas – 25 December, a Christian festival traditionally celebrated with decorated Christmas trees, gifts from Father Christmas (or Santa Claus), mulled wine, mince pies and a roast turkey dinner.

    Weather - NYE
    New Year – 31 December celebrating the end of the old calendar year and the start of the new one, often with a big party.

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