Aimee Haugan

USA, MSc Marketing

I would definitely recommend this course to a student that wants top faculty and hands-on experience.

Aimee Haugan - USA, MSc Marketing

Why did you choose to come to Oxford Brookes?
It had always been a dream of mine to study abroad. I didn’t plan it into my undergraduate experience in the US, so decided that I wanted to come to the UK for my postgraduate training. I looked at many different universities in England, but decided that Oxford Brookes was the right place for me based on the Oxford location and the reputation of the programme.

What was the best thing about the course?
I really enjoyed the diversity of the students in the course. My previous university did not expose to me people from so many different cultures, which I thought was beneficial and essential as the world continues to be a global marketplace. In my cohort of 60, there were students from 23 different countries. I also enjoyed working with real companies in the Company Project and various electives. It was great experience for working with clients in the real world. 

Would you recommend this course to another student? 
I would definitely recommend this course to a student that wants top faculty and hands-on experience. The professors are very up front about wanting to give you skills to equip you for real life and getting a job, not just theory and classroom work.

Did you feel supported during your time at the University?
I felt that the faculty achieved the right balance of allowing you to think for yourself, as well as letting you know they were there for support, both personally and professionally. Our professors went to bat for us, ensuring we had access to multiple professional associations at a student friendly price, offering workshops and additional lectures, and making time for students in their office hours.

Do you see an advantage of having a degree from a university overseas?
I think having an international degree shows your ability to work with people from other cultures, to travel, and that you have discipline. As more and more companies become international, it is something that shows you have what it takes to work on a global level.

How would you compare your experience to that of your friends who have studied in their home country?
My friends who participated in Masters programs in the US usually did so part-time and didn’t take the opportunity to get immersed in their university the way you do as an undergraduate. By doing the full-time accelerated Masters course in the UK, I felt I really had the chance to take in all the UK has to offer while studying.