Ankit, India, MSc International hospitality, events and tourism management

Ankit A

India, MSc International Hospitality, Events and Tourism Management

The professors are really supportive, and I have been, approximately, for six months now in the UK, and they have been supporting me from the day one, that is what I'm enjoying the most

Ankit A - India, MSc International Hospitality, Events and Tourism Management

Why did you choose to study in the UK? And why did you choose specifically to come to Oxford Brookes University?

Because of the high quality of education in the UK that have reputed universities and are recognised worldwide. And I chose Oxford Brookes for some special reason. Firstly, Oxford Brookes University is located in Oxford, which is a student city, and secondly, it is because the Oxford Brookes University is on the top 10 universities for the management courses and recently, Oxford Brookes University has retained its position as the UK’s top young university in the latest QS Top 50 Under 50 World University Rankings 2021

What were your first impressions of this city? What sort of things have you enjoyed about the city since you've been here?

I enjoy everything in Oxford because it's a really different experience for me and because it's a historical place, which I really enjoy.

Have you found any nice local restaurants? What do you think of the British food?

Actually, I'm looking for the local food as much as I can, because I am a fruit lover, so I run into the supermarkets to get some local food as I really love cooking myself, so I get whatever I need and then cook myself.

What’s been your favourite thing so far about studying at Oxford Brookes University in the UK?

Firstly, I have no experience in the hospitality industry, however, the professors are really supportive. I have been, approximately, for six months now in the UK, and they have been supporting me from the day one, that is what I enjoy the most.

You arrived just before the first lockdown, have you managed to use any facilities on campus?

Yes, when I first came to Oxford initially, the classes were based on campus, so I really, really enjoyed that however, now that everything has shifted online, via Zoom, I am really missing it. I also went to the library, and it was really amazing!

How have you found making friends when everything's moved to a virtual platform?

When we are studying online, virtually, we have got friends as well, because when we are in the virtual room, we also get together with the team and we have teamwork activities, some team presentations, team assignments, which is really amazing for me.

Have you found any differences between the education system in the UK and the education system back at home?

The main difference is the teaching quality, because the UK has a really well-reputed universities and as I told you, the courses are recognised worldwide, so that is the main difference that I can see.

Are you living in a private or student accommodation? And could you please explain how you have found it?

I'm living in private accommodation and I have got this accommodation through a letting agency. And so far, everything has gone well and I am really enjoying my accommodation.

What does a typical day as a student at Oxford Brookes look like for you?

As an international student in Oxford, you may need to do some part time work. So you would need to manage your time very well, as you will need to focus on your studies, by doing the assignments and doing some work too. So sometimes it could be a little bit tricky, but I can manage all the things at a single point of time, and I am really enjoying my life right now. I work part time as a customer service assistant in Oxford.

What would be your top tips for other international students that are thinking of coming to the UK or Oxford Brookes?

Oxford Brookes University will always help you from day one and the UK government also introduced a two years Visa which will be the biggest benefit for you. So just don't stress about anything, come to the UK, come to Oxford Brookes.

Could you describe your time at Oxford Brookes in one word, if you can?

I can say it's amazing! That is my word, Amazing!