Caleb Yeung

Hong Kong, MA Music

It’s so big and the people are all so kind, especially to international students who might be not be so familiar with this place and their studies.

Caleb Yeung - Hong Kong, MA Music

Why did you decide to come to the UK and Oxford Brookes?

I was studying in a vocational institute in Hong Kong in a higher diploma programme, but that institute had a collaboration with this university, so I chose to finish my higher diploma here in the third year and gain a degree. I wanted to know more about culture around the world and then my institute gave me this opportunity to be here. I knew it would be a challenge for myself as well.

What do you most enjoy the most about your course?

I enjoy it, it helps me with gaining a broader mindset about how to do academic stuff. I like the inspiration we take from experimental composition, which is what I’m now studying this semester. After I tried it I discovered it’s like a different mindset, it’s interesting because people in Hong Kong don’t really do it like that.

How do the teaching styles here differ from the Hong Kong?

Here there is more independent research, my lecturers might say something about the principles of music, then provide some rooms for us to do more independent research on our own. When I was in Hong Kong, the lecturers just taught all the principles and how to do them and we followed them. It was really structured and it was not free enough. Now in my Masters degree I think there are more discussions. Our lectures are a bit like workshops which means more conversations between lecturers and students, which is why I like it.

Do you have any advice for future international students?

Get a coat because you don’t know when the weather will changing. Enjoy the life of being abroad, because you can’t get such experience when you’re back in your own country and European culture is very different than in Asian countries.

Do you have any plans once you’ve graduated?

Once I’ve graduated I wish to start my music career, being either a music composer or maybe a musician in my hometown first then I will go into Asia, then to Europe and America.