Ousama Zahr

Lebanon, Pre-master’s followed by MSc Management and Entrepreneurship

I came to the international centre and the colleagues there helped me a lot with some papers I needed and with directing me to my classes. They were so helpful. I never felt like I was coming to a new place – it felt like home from the first day actually.

Ousama Zahr - Lebanon, Pre-master’s followed by MSc Management and Entrepreneurship

Why did you choose the UK?

Well because the UK is well known for having some of the most important universities in the world and for the level of education that they provide.  I decided to join Oxford Brookes University after extensive research on universities and the courses each offered.

Why did you choose your course?  

I applied for MSc Management and Entrepreneurship, but the admission office recommended for me to take the the pre-masters course to better prepare me for my graduate studies. I honestly think it was a very good choice that I joined the course. I can see I’m making exceptional progress in terms of how to conduct research, how to put together a research paper, the proper unbiased way of analysis and the generation of results. This pre-masters course also focuses on how to improve my presentation skills and guides us on proper discussion and group interaction, helping me connect with people from all over the world.  And I really mean from all over the world - in our class you can find people from Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, America and Latin America. It was such a great experience and I would highly recommend it.

Do you find that the teaching style is different from what you’ve had in the past?

Well it differs on the level of education, language and the follow up on the students’ presentations and work. I really enjoyed this, there’s a lot of interaction between the students and the advisors where they keep on following up on a weekly basis. Teachers are so friendly. This is something that students really need, especially when they are coming from abroad. They are down to earth and I was really shocked.

Which facilities at Brookes have you found most useful?  

I really found the library very useful for studying and preparing for your exams and presentations, and the ability to book some private rooms in the library in order to focus and prepare for our presentations as a group.

What would you recommend to other students coming for the first time?

I really advise students who are coming here to read a lot about history, because it’s a city where you can see, touch and feel whatever you are reading about – it’s such a deep city with its architecture and symbolism.  

What do you like most about living in Oxford?  

I like this cosy town where you can walk down to the street, go around using a bicycle, use the lovely parks and see the colleges around where you can walk. You can explore new things, enjoy the old architecture, the riversides, the nice pubs, the culture, the music and the live bands everywhere.