Penelope De Warren

France, Pre-Master's course

I chose Oxford Brookes because Oxford is a really nice city. I saw on the website that it is a good university because people are very concerned about your questions and students. I felt confident about the university so I wanted to come.

Penelope De Warren - France, Pre-Master's course

Why did you decided to study in the UK?
I wanted to take a gap year, meet people and learn how to speak good English. It was more a year just for personal time to think about what I want to do later in my studies. I chose Oxford Brookes because Oxford is a really nice city. I saw on the website that it is a good university because people are very concerned about your questions and students. I felt confident about the university so I wanted to come. I think it is very important when you leave your country to be in a nice atmosphere and feel that you are in a safe atmosphere as well.

Why did you choose this particular course?
I choose University English because I didn’t have the right level for the Pre-Master’s course. And after this course I will do a Pre-Master’s because I already have a bachelor degree, so I wanted to have a Pre-Master’s and after that go back to France to do a Masters. 

How do you think this course will help you progress onto your masters course?
I think it is very good because this course teaches us how to do research and how to work individually at the library when you don’t have classes. You have to work on your own and know how to do that, how to find sources and find them in the library and online. These things are really important for your masters as well I think. I think it is a good preparation for your masters. 

What is the best thing about the course?
For me personally it was because of the fact that the education system is very different from France. It teaches me to work in a different way. Like in a group or how to make a report and do research. I learned a lot of things. 

What’s the main difference between the teaching style here and back in France?
I think it is more personal here. Because previously I had classes with 200 people in it and here it was 20 other students, so it is more personal. I suppose you have a frame and teachers are here to make sure that you are fine and that you know what you want to do. If you have problem you can tell them all the time. It is really good because you feel like you are in a safe atmosphere and that is really nice. 

Would you recommend this course to another student?
Yes, definitely. I think even if you don’t want to do a Masters here it will be useful in your life in general because it teaches you how to work by your own, as I said earlier.  I don’t know it is just really interesting and I think that if you don’t do this before your masters it will be really difficult to follow. 

What do you want to do when you finish you masters?
I think I am going to work in human resources. And in fact when I came to Brookes I just realised that maybe it could be interesting to work in an international company. At the beginning I thought that a French company would be fine, but now I meet new people and new cultures and it is really nice. I think it would be really interesting to work in a big international company. 

What do you like the most about Oxford?
think it is the student life, it is a very alive city. There are people everywhere and there are many events, even if it is not Brookes related. It is small so you can walk all around the city, it is not far. It is very dynamic and a good atmosphere. 

Do you like living in halls of residence?
I live in Clive Booth and really enjoy it. It’s very nice, students everywhere. It is really good being in the university accommodation because you are totally involved in the university life. I have friends and they are in a house in the city centre and I think they don’t know everything that is happening, so you need to have friends in the halls which can tell you what is going on. It is very good to be involved. 

Do you have tips for students coming here?
They should definitely go to the different event, like as much as they can. And particular Brookes events because you can meet international people and play games and you just have a good time. And yes, go out with your friends and their friends and just enjoy you time.