Rabeya Rahman

Bangladesh, MA Development and Emergency Practice

I just love it – everything, everything. First of all the faculty, the staff are amazing as they’re so resourceful. I think with the students we have, it’s wonderful because it’s so multicultural.

Rabeya Rahman - Bangladesh, MA Development and Emergency Practice

Why did you decide to study in the UK and Oxford Brookes?

My background is in Architecture, so ever since I graduated I have been working in the development sector. Then recently I decided that since it’s been a while, I needed some new academic knowledge and skills to evaluate what I’m doing and so on. So that’s when I started looking for a masters degree and then my boss suggested that a UK degree had its value, and more specifically this programme. This particular programme is very known for its network and resources. Also I think it’s only the UK that actually offers a one year degree, whereas if I do a postgrad in other countries it’s a two year programme. I also did manage to get a full tuition scholarship.

Do you notice any differences in the teaching style here compared to what you’ve had elsewhere?

It’s a big difference for me. For example to begin with the way the classes are designed. Here there’s not only an exchange of knowledge but you have small groups and you don’t have to listen to lectures for long hours. Then in terms of the assignments that we are given to do, it’s also nice. Of course it’s intense, but you do enjoy it.  There will always be pressure with the deadlines.

How have the staff helped you settle down?

When I came I applied along with my son, his visa got refused and I had to make the quick decision to come over. That’s when the international advice team were very supportive.  Even later on when I applied again for my family they were great. Eventually they made it over last month and now are here and have settled down. They were also very supportive last semester when I told them that I couldn’t deal with all my deadlines due to my family just settling down. I had a deadline and after writing to my professor asking for three more days, he responded with ‘I’m entitled to give you a week, so go ahead and take the week’.  So it was really nice, really touching. 

Which of the University facilities have you been using here?  

I think I spend most of my time in the library because it has bigger screens to work on. I also like the conference rooms which are really good for doing conference calls. Or even for group work or anything, those places are also good.