Raymond Kwok

Hong Kong, MSc Business Management

Societies are really nice for you to relax and get to know more people from other fields.

Raymond Kwok - Hong Kong, MSc Business Management
Why did you choose to come to Oxford Brookes?
I heard about this University when I was in college in Wales. Before I was in Wales I heard Brookes had a really nice support for the undergrad students, and that’s why I choose Brookes. I think it’s really worth it.  

How do you find the University’s teaching style compared to previous institutions?
I think it’s more on a friendly basis, rather than a tutor and student basis. If you want help they’re really helping you on a personal basis and if you can’t go to the Office Hours, you can ask for another time and they are always willing to help. I think they really treat you as a part of a family and it’s really different from others universities. 

How do you find the teaching style - is there enough practical and hands-on experience in there?
I think the best bit is that the lecturers will always find guest speakers to come to speak with us about the real world. The marketing bit is really nice, but if you can’t put it in practice it’s really hard to compete in the real world. This year I listened to three guest speakers, and it’s really good for the guest speaker to talk to us about the whole life of their business. Also the difficulties and limitations they go through are really helping us to put all the theories back into practice, so we really understand.  

Would you recommend this course to other students?  
I would recommend it because I think it’s really good for your career in the future, and at the same time it’s academic. It’s pretty hard to have both at the same time normally, but this course is pretty nice. We need to write business plans for our assignments, and you need to really build your own business plan and put it in practice. During all the assignments, you can choose your own direction and you can find your interests, I think it’s pretty good.  

What do you like most about living in Oxford.  
Oxford is a really nice place and has quite a nice mix. If you want to go to cinema, you can go. You can do shopping in the city centre and Oxford has a nice variety of food restaurants. Generally there’s also a pretty good atmosphere for studying because Oxford University is nearby. 

Are you involved in any clubs, societies or activities within Oxford Brookes?  
I am involved in the badminton team in Brookes. I think it’s another kind of small society you can go to. Societies are really nice for you to relax and get to know more people from other fields. When you just stay in the lectures hall you will only know your friends who have the same field. But if you join the badminton team for example, you will chat with other people too and they have social lives as well, and go out to have fun together. 

Are there any top tips that you would give international students?
The first rule –don’t stay with people from your own nationality. If you do, your English will be pretty bad and you would never improve. Also, you can’t experience the culture mix advantage. For example, German people got loads of leadership skills and if you are bad they just tell you that you are bad. But when you work with Chinese for example, they will just circle around and never get to the point. That makes the whole process really slow, so I think the culture mix is really helping your group work and having a social life.