Sabahat Mir

Pakistan, International Foundation Course followed by Bsc (Hons) Law

I selected Oxford Brookes because of its location in Oxford, it’s very peaceful. I heard that the people here were very friendly and that in Oxford Brookes the teaching staff were very good too.

Sabahat Mir - Pakistan, International Foundation Course followed by Bsc (Hons) Law

Why did you decide to study in the UK?  

I have already learnt a lot in my country about the UK, especially when I was researching about my course. I met many barristers and solicitors in my hometown and family that also did their training in the UK then went back to their country to work.  

Why did you choose this particular foundation course?  

The last time I was doing the UKVA for this country there was problem with my health so I got a low grade. Then it was recommended that I read about the foundation course. Before I came here my opinion was different about this course, I was not sure that this course was going to help me in my studies. After meeting the teachers and my friends, I realised that this course was going to help me a lot in my future, even if I selected another field of study.   

How different do you find this university’s teaching style compared to your previous experience in Pakistan?

There is actually a very big difference. The teachers in Pakistan were very good, but not as good as this university.  I’m not saying anything bad about my previous teachers, but the teachers here are more friendly than in my country. Here the teachers organise different activities for the students from which the students can learn a lot. In my home town there were no activities, only study.  

How did the staff support you when you came and were settling in?

They helped me a lot. When I first came to class I was a little bit afraid, because I had gotten into an accident just after I arrived. There was a huge car accident on the A34 road. The car had fully smashed. I had just come here and my nose was broken and there was a pain in my knees, ankle and back. Till now I have had many problems with studying. So when I study and am doing work on the computer my back pain is there.  But the teachers helped me a lot.  If I’ve got any problem I can email them and they give me a very quick reply, and that’s helped me a lot.  They give us extra time after the class as well if we want. They try to help us understand what they’ve said to us.

Would you recommend this course to another student?  

I would recommend them because they will learn a lot from this course. They’re preparing us to study at university level, so when the university gives us any assignments we will be fully prepared at that time. The most important thing about this course is that they start from the basics and not burden you with it all at first. First they give you some work, not a lot of work, but then they’ll increase your work with time.

Do you have any top tips for international students?  

Be peaceful and friendly with everyone, because this is key to learning and making friends. Focus mostly on your studies, but create a balance in your life and take part in different societies so you can also enjoy life.