Saeed Bamekhayyer

Saudi Arabia, Pre-Master's course

The pre-masters will give you a lot of skills; seminar skills, presentations skills, the way of thinking and academic writing.

Saeed Bamekhayyer - Saudi Arabia, Pre-Master's course
Why did you choose to come to Oxford Brookes in particular?
I’ve noticed that Oxford Brookes has a good reputation dealing with especially international students. They are very helpful in all aspects and have a good variety in nationalities. Plus, I think Oxford itself has got the highest percentage of students; it’s like a student city actually. 

Why did you choose to study this course at Oxford Brookes?
I thought I would benefit from the pre-masters in many ways; improving my English and my research skills for example. I’ve never been to the UK and my friends who started their masters directly told me they thought it was very difficult, they didn’t know how the education system works in the UK. I think the good thing about this course is that they are preparing students in many aspects for the postgraduate level where you are expected to do a lot of things on your own. 

What is the best thing about the teaching style?
The way they study here is different than in other western countries. They teach you how to search for your sources and get information from the library for example. I think they also give a lot of space for students to express their ideas, there is no limitation. They actually teach you how to get the information yourself through the library or academic sources. It’s improving the way of the thinking of students. 

Would you recommend this pre-masters course to another student?
Yes definitely, because you can improve your English if it is not that good, and you get prepared for your masters. Masters are really intense and I think any student should be fully prepared before starting one. So the pre-masters will give you a lot of skills, like seminar skills, presentations skills, the way of thinking and also the academic writing.

What do you like most about living in the city of Oxford?
I like it mainly because it’s nice, small and quiet. Almost everything is within ten, fifteen minutes of reach, whether you want to go to the University or to the city centre. I think it’s a very good atmosphere for students.