Seungoh Kim

South Korea, Pre-master’s followed by Msc Business Management

This course provides a good opportunity to make a friendships with so many students from different countries.

Seungoh Kim - South Korea, Pre-master’s followed by Msc Business Management

Why did you decide to study in the UK?  

I had a dream to study abroad in an English speaking country, but I was more interested in the UK than America. Many Koreans learn American style English in school, but most people want to learn a different style English, such as British English.   

What made you come to Oxford Brookes?

I researched a lot of information in preparation to study in England. I researched many universities, but Oxford Brookes University appeared the most open to the international students and I liked that.  

What made you choose that course?  

I graduated from a Korean university, but my major was in Engineering which is totally different from Business Management, which is I’m going into. So I have no knowledge or experience, so I want to have enough time to prepare in order to go into the Business Management course.  

How do you think this pre-masters course will help you progress on to your masters?  

I think this pre-master's course is very helpful in order to study a master course. I have never experienced this kind of teaching before. This pre-master's course is very surprising because of the specific and frequent feedback on my work. My Korean university course did not give this kind of feedback.

Would you recommend this course to another student?

Yes as my experience was totally different from my degree course, so it was a very good time to prepare for next year.