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We have a large cohort of students from Bangladesh studying at Oxford Brookes enjoying a fun and inspiring experience that will benefit them throughout their life and career.

We are one of the UK's leading modern universities, and with our innovative teaching methods and the support we offer, our students will achieve results that are internationally respected and a degree that will open doors in the global employment market.

We welcome students from all religions and have a Muslim Student Guide (Arabic) or Muslim Student Guide (English) with information about the Muslim community here in Oxford and at the university.

Who to contact

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Gaurav Sharma

Based in Chandigarh, India
(+91) 991 5244466

Hear from our students

Check out our student interview with Syed Rafnan from Bangladesh who is studying MSc Motorsport Engineering at Oxford Brookes University.

Syed Rafnan - Bangladesh

I chose Oxford Brookes because of its renowned reputation and affiliations with the industry. I also researched about the facilities and found that the taught modules are very advanced and specific which made it the obvious choice. Finally, and most importantly, Oxford Brookes University has the best Formula Student team in the United Kingdom

Syed Rafnan - Bangladesh - MSc Motorsport Engineering