Many students from Jordan are studying at Oxford Brookes and are enjoying a fun and inspiring experience that will benefit them throughout their life and career. Popular subjects for students from Jordan include architecture, urban design, sport and health sciences, computing, construction project management and business management.

Many of our Jordanian students like that Oxford is the right size to offer all the shopping, entertainment and cultural facilities you enjoy while being quieter and safer than larger cities like Birmingham and London. We are also just one hour from London if you ever need a big-city experience.

We offer outstanding academic and personal support with everything from perfecting your essays and improving your English during your degree, to help with personal health, banking and visas and much much more. All this will help you reach your potential, achieve success and graduate with a degree you can be proud of.

We welcome students from all religions and have a special Muslim Student Guide (Arabic) or Muslim Student Guide (English) with information about the Muslim community here in Oxford and at the university.



Pathways courses

We offer pathways courses to help you meet the English or academic requirements for a bachelor's or master's degree. Find out more about the dates, fees and degrees you can study after your pathways course from the below web pages.

Hear from our students

Check out this student interview with Nader Nemer from Jordan who did a Pre-Master's followed by a Master's in Business as he discusses why he chose to study in Oxford, his course and the university facilities.

>Nader Nemer - Jordan

There are lots of parks where you can walk around in the nature and feel relaxed. It’s a quiet city, very natural, calm and clean. I like the nature here in the UK and especially in Oxford. It’s a small city too; you can walk around in just maybe two or three hours.

Nader Nemer - Jordan, Pre-Master's followed by Master's in Business