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Students from South Korea have been coming to Oxford Brookes for many years and we have a number of South Korean students enrolled at the university.

We are one of the UK's leading modern universities, and with our innovative teaching methods and the support we offer our students you will achieve results that are internationally respected and a degree that will open doors in the global employment market.

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Rachel Jones

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Hear from our students

Check out our student interview with Taewoo to find out more about the teaching style at Oxford Brookes, life in Oxford and our university facilities.

>Taewoo (Alan) Kim - South Korea

What I like most about my course is that there are various lecturers who specialise in different fields, which means I can be aware of a number of different perspectives of my field of study. They are also friendly in answering students’ queries by either an email or face-to-face meetings.

Taewoo (Alan) Kim - South Korea, pre-master's followed by MSc Project Management in the Built Environment