Google Apps

Email, calendar, documents

At Oxford Brookes University, the following are provided by G Suite (Google):

  • email,
  • calendar, 
  • contacts, 
  • drive (document storage and sharing), 
  • video and instant chat.

To access these tools on your mobile devices, please visit your usual app store and install Google Mail, Google Calendar and Google Drive. You can then log into any of them using your Brookes email address and password.

2-step authentication

One of the first things we suggest staff and students do when you first access your University email is to activate the "2-step verification" feature which adds an extra layer of security to your account, by sending you an extra code to access your account. You will find this feature in your Google Account Settings. Fine out more on the Google safety centre website.


Google Drive provides unlimited document storage for staff and students, that is cloud-based and accessible from any device, whenever you need it. We recommend you spend some time learning about how to organise and share your documents. There is lots of advice and guidance in the Google Workspace Learning Centre.


Academic timetables can be found in your calendar.  


New and existing staff can attend our Google workshops - please contact the team by email using

IT Service Desk

For IT support you can

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