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    To connect to the wired internet you must be in your room, have fully enrolled, and have the following:

    • your student number and password (given to you after enrolment)
    • a network point in your bedroom
    • a device with ethernet port (or USB adapter) and cable
    • current anti-virus software on your computer - available free from https://www.brookes.ac.uk/it/essentials/sophos
    • the latest security updates installed relevant to your device
    • completed Hallnet registration. To do this, plug your laptop into the wall, go to a website like http://example.com and the registration page will automatically come up.

    Games Consoles

    If you would like to use a games console in your hall room, please use the wireless network - Brookes WiFi - to get it online. 

    Some rules

    Hallnet, by being part of the Brookes network, is therefore part of JANET the UK's education and research network. There are associated rules with using this network. Possibly the most important of these, found in the Brookes IT Regulations, is:

    18. You must use the IT facilities only for academic, research and administrative purposes together with limited personal use. Such personal use is allowed as a privilege not a right, must conform to these guidelines, and should not incur unreasonable costs or have an adverse impact on resources or services.

    Plugging in your own wi-fi device will kill the HallNet service in rooms around you. You MUST only connect a single PC to the university network at any one time and MUST NOT attach any other device (eg router, switch etc) nor provide any network services (eg DNS, DHCP, NAT etc).

    Students who break the rules will have their access to HallNet temporarily withdrawn. If they break the rules persistently, access may be completely withdrawn.

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