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  • Printing

    Brookes Print Anywhere is a service that enables students and staff to print securely from your desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet to any Canon Multi-Functional Device (MFD printer) at Oxford Brookes.

    Sending a print job to a nearby printer is possible from all the Brookes staff devices and PCs in open-access rooms including teaching rooms, labs and social learning spaces. You can also scan or copy documents using the MFD printers.

    Please read the simple 'how to' guides for more information on how to use these printers.

    Printing charges

    If you are a student you will need to add money to your charge account, you'll need your student number and password to log in. You will also need to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions the first time you use the printers.

    Look at our Knowledge Base article for prices and remember to make sure you have enough money in your charge account before you print.

    Printing charges

    If you wish to print larger sizes, in bulk or have specialist requirements then this is possible using Brookes Print, our print room service. 

    Brookes Print

    You can use Brookes Print, our print room service, if you need to print larger sizes, in bulk or have specialist requirements.