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  • eduroam

    At Brookes we use eduroam for our wifi network. It is free, secure and can be used by staff and students when visiting other universities around the world. It is provided by JISC* using their Janet network.

    To add eduroam securely to your devices, once on site:

    1. In your wifi settings click on the network connect@brookes (this is a captive portal that allows you to get connected without using your 3/4G) and enter the password connectme
    2. Read and agree to the JANET Aceptable Use policy.
    3. Select which device/operating system is appropriate to you.  You will then download a security certificate to your device that configures it to securely access eduroam. When asked to enter your staff/student number, please add @brookes.ac.uk after your number. If asked to re-authenticate at any point, when using eduroam, please always add @brookes.ac.uk to your staff/student number.
    4. Once you have eduroam installed on your device, please FORGET the connect@brookes network.

    If you are not on site, please go directly to www.brookes.ac.uk/it/connect-agree and set up your device(s).

    *Serving over 18 million users, the Janet network provides UK research and education with a highly reliable and secure, world-class network, enabling national and international communication and collaboration.