• ISO 27001 at Oxford Brookes

    Information is a valuable asset for the University, so the way we organise it and manage its security is a high priority. The University - led by its Information Security team - is working to achieve the globally recognised certification ISO 27001 - a series of standards that help to identify any risks to an organisation's information and to put in place appropriate controls to help reduce this risk. The scope of the project includes all information created and held across the University.

    The benefits of the ISO 27001 framework include:

    • colleagues, students and parents can be confident that all University information captured and stored is validated by an internationally recognised framework
    • it ensures that a common set of policies, procedures and controls are put in place to manage any risks to information security and to reduce the number of data breaches
    • it illustrates the University’s commitment to information security at all levels
    • it improves the auditing and organisation of University information making the operation more efficient
    • a training and awareness programme to help all colleagues, students and key stakeholders understand their responsibilities when handling personal or University data.