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  • Oxford Brookes has a user base of approximately 17,500 students and just under 2,500 staff. The Chief Information Officer is Seamus Shaw.  

    The number of University employees is listed annually in our published annual accounts which you can find on the University's publicly available web site at www.brookes.ac.uk/about-brookes/structure-and-governance/policies-and-financial-statements

    This IT strategy 2020 outlines a set of objectives that will ensure the successful delivery of information technology services across the University in the coming years. As well as supporting the Student Experience, Research and Knowledge Exchange and International and Partnership engagement, this strategy will contribute to the University’s infrastructure and services by:

    • delivering IT platform excellence with solid foundations and a secure and reliable infrastructure

    • enhancing educational technologies with forward-looking learning systems and tools to support educational excellence

    • facilitating transformation and information delivery with integrated systems, enterprise applications and improved online processes

    • enhancing IT service excellence through our staff, our skills and the practices and methodologies used to govern service delivery

    It can be viewed online at www.brookes.ac.uk/it/strategy-2020

    All IT related policies can be found at the end of the link below:


    The bulk of the ICT budget is held by the University's IT directorate on behalf of the University. You will find some relevant information relating to the University's IT expenditure in our publicly available financial statements. A small part of the ICT budget is devolved in the University to allow, for example, individual faculties and departments to purchase IT equipment and consumables.

    University expenditure on IT related equipment, supplies and consumables for the financial year ....2016 was £2,932,000, in 2015 was £3,266,000 and 2014 was £3,094,000.

    With regard to the ICT budget held by the University's IT directorate, overall expenditure on the IT Programme over the past two years has been less than budgeted although a small number of projects have required additional funding due to delayed timescales.

    The point of contact for IT procurement and purchasing information is Melissa Day, Finance Manager: mday@brookes.ac.uk or 01965 48 3336 but for information requested under the Freedom of Information Act please contact info.sec@brookes.ac.uk

    The University's framework agreements are run by the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (supc.ac.uk) which lists and provides details of some of the University's agreements with suppliers.

    Our current suppliers are Computer Disposals Limited and the age of disposal equipment is 5 years old. The quantity disposed of annually is approximately 3,200 kg. The relevant policy can be found at https://www.brookes.ac.uk/it/information-security/policy-on-secure-disposal-of-it-equipment-and-information/.

    We are currently in the process of moving the University over to VOIP telephony.


    British Telecom

    Contract date 29/5/15. 5 years

    Average annual spend £82,000

    38 analogue lines, 60 DASS, 90 QO31


    British Telecom

    Contract date 29/05/15. 2 years (with option to extend for 5) Average annual spend £12,000

    3000 extensions

    FIXED BROADBAND British Telecom 1 April - rolling contract Average annual spend £240  

    JANET - main ISP

    Contract renewal date 1 August - 5 years. Review 29/05/18

    Average annual spend £39,000

    19 sites


    British Telecom

    Contract date 16 May 2013 - for 3 years

    Average annual spend £99,000

    440 mobiles



    Contract renewal date 31 July 2015

    Average annual spend £89.000

    13 agents

      Intelecom Contract renewal date May 2017 Average annual spend £10,000 5 agents
    DESKTOPS/LAPTOPS Dell, HP, Apple, Viglen 2,018 student PCs 2,700 staff computers
    LAPTOPS Dell, Google Chromebooks 105 Chromebooks
    DESKTOP OPERATING SYSTEM All managed PCs currently run Windows 7 but are in the process of upgrading to Windows 10 for September 2017  
    DOCUMENT STORAGE Google Apps for education is our main document storage provider  
    BROADBAND British Telecom 1 April - rolling contract Average annual spend £240  

    JANET - main ISP

    BT - leased line connectivity

    Contract renewal date of 1 August

    5 years - review 29/05/18

    Average annual spend £39,000

    Average annual spend £82,000

    19 sites

    WI-FI eduroam 7,000 concurrent onsite users   5 sites
    Datacentres The University operates two datacentres      
    The University has just finished a significant project to move over to a managed print service with Canon. Using multi-functional devices with 'anywhere print' functionality, that will print, photocopy and scan. We use large format plotters in our Print Unit and Architecture Studios. Read more about the printing project at www.brookes.ac.uk/brookes-print/print-anywhere

    The software provided on all managed PCs for staff and students general use is delivered virtually to desktops using Cloudpager. We offer over 200 separate pieces of software.

    WINDOWS Microsoft Campus and Select-Civica Group Annual re-newal - November

    SOPHOS Endpoint Control provides security and management features for the endpoint client. Also available for own devices, for staff and students.

    3 year contract - expires February 2020

    BACK UP SOFTWARE NET Backup, Microsoft Shadow 7.5, ZFS, Snapshots, VM Ware Snaphots, HP Data Protector Xpress, Windows NT Backup, UFS Dump.  
    EMAIL Google Apps for education Ongoing contract

    We have 11 core business applications that staff and students use at Brookes. They are:

    GOOGLE Google Apps for education
    MOODLE The University's Virtual Learning Environment
    eCSIS Student record System
    CMiSGO Room bookings and space allocation application
    SERVICENOW IT Service Desk web portal
    CORE HR Central HR and Payroll application
    E5 FINANCE Finance application
    EKTRON The University's content management system
    TALIS Library management system
    RAISERS EDGE Our alumni database
    APTT Business reporting application
    Our VLE is MOODLE and externally hosted at University of London Computing Centre (ULCC.) It supports 17,500 student users and approximately 900 staff. Our contract is reviewed annually in December.
    PHYSICAL SERVERS / SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS 155 on site 50 Microsoft, 65 Oracle, 40 Linux Oracle annual renewal in November. Contract value = £130,294.03. Primary Windows vendor is VM Ware. Contract runs until 2020. Average annual spend is £71,000
    VIRTUAL SERVERS 310 Primary software is ESXi, VM Ware    
    STORAGE   Hard Drive 190 TB capacity

    124 TB of data

    Oracle Net App

    DATABASES     Oracle, Microsoft, SQL, PostgreSQL  
    FIREWALL       The University uses enterprise-grade firewalls, clustered for high availability, and backed by full third-party support contract covering both hardware and software faults.
    GOOGLE Google Apps for education - email, document storage, groups, sites, calendar Annual rolling contract - no charge to education  
    SERVICENOW IT Service Desk web portal software Contract renweal date February 2018 (5 year contract) Average annual spend £90,000
    INTELECOM Telephone contact centre Contract renewal date May 2017 Average annual spend £10,000
    Our Audio Visual (AV) suppliers are chosen from the supc.ac.uk (Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium) framework agreement - Audio Visual Productsand Services - AV60002 HW Lot 3. Recently we have worked with Reflex AV and Snelling Business Systems to upgrade and install AV kit into 90 0f our 230 teaching rooms. We currently have no support contracts for our AV estate as this is providedin-house.
    HEADINGTON Pollycom Realpresence Desktop In-house support
    HARCOURT HILL Cisco C20 Quick Set In-house support
    WHEATLEY Pollycom Realpresence Desktop In-house support

    Our videoconferencing service is supplied and supported in-house.

    Financial responsibility for IT projects resides with the IT Programme Steering Board headed by the University's Registrar. The University's IT directorate has a Programme Management Office for the governance of IT programmes and projects within the directorate. You will find details of the IT executive team, including the IT Programme Manager at https://www.brookes.ac.uk/it/about-us/ The University's strategic programme of IT projects can be found at www.brookes.ac.uk/it/pmo/it-delivery-plan-2018/