• Windows 10, the new software launcher AppsAnywhere and Office 2016

    All managed PCs across the University have been upgraded to Windows 10, including teaching rooms and lab spaces.

    Alongside the new operating system, University software can be accessed using the new application portal called AppsAnywhere. Search and save your favourites from 100's of applications. L ook for the AppsAnywhere logo on the start menu, desktop or open up Chrome. 

    All PCs have been upgraded to Microsoft Office 2016.

    If you would like support with either the new operating system or Office 2016, please contact the IT Service Desk using service.brookes.ac.uk

    There are training resources including quick guides to Windows 10 and Office 2016 on the IT Training website .

    The next phase of this upgrade will allow staff and students access to University applications from their own devices, on or off campus.