University PCs

    All on-site University PCs have access to a range of software for teaching and learning. This software is accessed using the portal AppsAnywhere and launches over 200 applications like Solidworks, ARCGis, Matlab, SAGE, AutoCAD... when working on a Brookes PC.

    Staff PCs

    Oxford Brookes staff are able to access and use University licensed software on their work devices via the AppsAnywhere portal. If you have a device that is less than a year old, the AppsAnywhere portal will already by installed. For older laptops/PCs you need to visit https://apps.brookes.ac.uk to install and run the Cloudpaging application. Or click the blue button below.   

    Request specific software

    If you require specific software for your research, please get in touch with IT using the request catalogue. You will need to log in with your Brookes credentials.