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  • Video conferencing

    Zoom, Google Meet, and dedicated Conference Rooms

    Brookes video conference services enables you to work collaboratively from any device that has a webcam and microphone, using Zoom, Google Meet, or dedicated conference rooms. 

    • Zoom has been adopted for online teaching and Lecture Capture. It is integrated with Moodle and Panopto's platform for storing and editing video content. For information on online teaching or recording lectures with Zoom, please read All You Need to Know about using Zoom. If you are a student, you can read Zoom for Learning.
    • Zoom and Google Meet are both available to all members of the University, using your Brookes login details, for video chats, home working, and collaborative working. By using your Brookes login details, you will be able to access the licenced versions of Zoom and Google Meet, which provide more features than person versions of the applications. You can use any device with a webcam and microphone, such as a laptop, smartphone or desktop PC.
    • The University has a number of Dedicated video conferencing rooms can be booked through the ITS Service Desk Request Catalogue. If you require a telephone conference in another location, contact the ITS Service Desk to discuss the setup of portable conference phones.