Strategy 2020

Transforming university life through the use of digital technologies and services.

Executive overview

This strategy outlines a set of objectives that will ensure the successful delivery of information technology services across the University in the coming years.

Objectives are broad based and have a 1 to 4 year horizon. They will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the university and we will also assess the progress of each one against a set of newly developed KPI’s (e.g. student and staff satisfaction levels, IT performance levels, value for money etc). With a lean and agile approach in mind these objectives can be seen as our strategic road map, which will guide our 4 year service plan (supporting document) and support the annual planning process.

The key outcome of the strategy is to deliver and support a rich set of information technology services that are customer focused and which will contribute to our vision of transforming university life through the use of digital technologies and services.

The objectives are divided across the areas of:

  • Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Supporting Research and Knowledge exchange
  • Enabling International and Partnership engagement
  • Contributing to Infrastructure and Services development by:
  1. Delivering IT platform excellence
  2. Enhancing educational technology services
  3. Facilitating transformation and strategic information delivery
  4. Enhancing IT service excellence


Our mission is to both support and contribute to the Oxford Brookes University 2020 plan through the use of enabling Information Technology services.


  • customer focused (Connectedness and Generosity of spirit),
  • adding value through simple and innovative solutions (Enterprising creativity),
  • secure, reliable, flexible, sustainable and accessible (Confidence),
  • cloud first, mobile centric approach to service design and delivery (Enterprising creativity, Connectedness).


  • excellence in what we do,
  • engaging the community in the design and delivery of services through open and honest conversations,
  • empowering our staff.

IT Strategic Objectives