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      'Building inspiring services on solid foundations'

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    Our goal is that our services will be intuitive, simple, secure, will work on any device, in any location, and will work first time, every time. They will also be professionally supported by friendly, expert, approachable IT support colleagues

    Ben Barry, IT Strategy, Information Management and Partnerships Director

    This strategy document builds on the work completed over the 2012 - 2015 strategic period, and aligns the IT Strategy with the University’s 2020 Strategy, defining a clear, compelling vision for how IT at Brookes will work by 2020.

    “Building inspiring services on solid foundations”

    This is the IT Strategy for the university rather than simply the strategy for OBIS. In other words, the success of this strategy will be defined by the whole university, and will depend upon the positive support and engagement of colleagues and stakeholders in every part of the organisation.  It is your IT Strategy, therefore it is as much up to you, as it is to the IT team, to make it real.

    Recognising there is work to be done in achieving solid foundations, each mission statement will include specific deliverables on getting the basics right. They will also include an outline of the inspiring services and solutions we will deliver over the strategic period.

    FOR STUDENTS - an engaging online experience from enquiry to alumni; top quality technology supporting the learning process from VLE to lecture capture to custom apps and more besides; easy to connect to, robust Wi-Fi for all your devices; the latest kit to borrow at no charge; friendly help with technology if you need it.

    FOR STAFF - a flexible workforce with a lightweight laptop and mobile phone supported with intuitive systems and digital workflows. A new student record system with intelligent customer relationship management tools will support the full student lifecycle; all core systems including HR, Finance and Estates systems will work faultlessly; new technology, including improved analytics, in place to support teaching and operational processes; and all staff trained, supported and encouraged to be digitally-savvy.

    And all this will underpin outstanding teaching, world-leading research, a supportive environment, top quality buildings - all the things that you love about Brookes. 

  • The vision of inspiring students, staff and IT professionals to be drawn to OBU is both impressive and rightly deserved!.

    "It is so easy to take all this built digital environment at Brookes for granted. The IT strategy made me stop and think about all the work that the team is putting in to make IT at Brookes so agile, responsive and satisfying...it also shows that there is more to come, more to experience - for students, staff and IT professionals and the world outside Brookes." Hassan Ceesay, Brookes student

    The Brookes IT Vision for 2020 is to provide IT services and solutions which exceed the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders, and as established in the 2015 strategy, inspires students and staff to choose Brookes. What IT Services at Brookes will look like in 2020:

    • IT that ‘just works’  
    • IT that makes students want to come here and love being here
    • IT that makes staff love working here 
    • the benchmark that others aspire to