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      European Computer Driving Licence

  • ECDL at Oxford Brookes University

    How do you gain the best computer skills or demonstrate those that you already have?

    The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is the world’s number one IT user qualification, recognised and valued in workplaces around the globe as proof of competence in IT. Over 2 million people have taken ECDL in the UK alone.

    Reasons to do ECDL

    ECDL equips you with the skills  to use a computer confidently and effectively, building on existing knowledge and motivating further learning.

    Prove your IT skills which can help you find a job or progress your career.

    Flexible learning: Boost your skill set at any stage and at any age, and at your own pace.

    It's what employers want. Employers need people who can contribute to achieving goals in the most efficient and productive way.

    ECDL Qualification

    • IT Security
    • Computer Essentials - Windows 10
    • Word Processing - Word 2016
    • Spreadsheets - Excel 2016
    • Databases - Access 2016
    • Presentations - PowerPoint 2016
    • Online Essentials - Outlook 2016 and Internet Explorer