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  • ICDL Exams and Online Drop-ins

    October 2022. The IDCL Exam centre is open for exams and drop-in study & Support. Please Complete the Exam booking form or email the ICDL Centre Manager if you wish to take an exam, practice test, or study. There will be a maximum capacity for six students at any one time. The ICDL Centre will be open on Wednesday mornings. The ICDL drop-in sessions are normally available for help, and support. Please see the Drop in Calendar for dates and times.

  • Oxford Brookes University, Headington Campus, Oxford, OX3 OBP.

    Training Room LL.G.03: Ground floor of Lloyd Building, situated on the Headington Road side of campus, close to the bus stop.  Map

    Please use this Calendar for identifying dates of Drop-in sessions on campus.

    The ICDL Exam Centre is available for exams, practice tests, and study. but all visitors should advise ICDL Centre of their intended visit.


  • If you are travelling any distance to visit the ICDL Centre for an exam, always check your email for for last minute changes.