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    Appeals and policies

  • If you are unhappy with any aspect of the examination process you should first discuss the problem with the ECDL Test Centre Manager or representative within 5 working days of receiving your exam result. You must make the reasons clear at this time.

    ECDL exams are undertaken using automated testing software, which has been approved by the BCS. In the event of a candidate raising an appeal, an exam report will be created on the BCS system, and will be fully discussed with the candidate.

    An action plan will be agreed and a further test date scheduled if necessary. In some circumstances you may be offered a free re-test (e.g. if there had been hardware or software problems).

    If you are unhappy with the decision of the ECDL Test Centre Manager, you must write to the Brookes Workbased Qualifications Project Manager (Kay Tillyer) within 5 working days who will fully review the complaint and attempt to find a solution.

    The ECDL Test Centre will keep a written record of each stage of the process with dates and outcomes. In the event that you are still not satisfied with the response by the Approved Centre then you can raise the appeal with BCS.

    You will be required to provide written evidence to the BCS of the appeal you have submitted to the ECDL Centre. You must submit notice of an appeal within 20 working days of your assessment. When submitting an appeal, please provide relevant supporting information such as the following where relevant:

    • Your name and BCS registration number date(s) you received notification of a BCS result
    • Title and number of the BCS qualification affected or nature of service affected (if appropriate)
    • Full nature of the appeal
    • Contents and outcome of any communications relating to the investigation carried out the Centre.

    The appeal is considered by the Quality Assurance Team who acknowledge receipt of the appeal and will decide if here is a case for appeal. The appeal must be sent to qualityassuranceteam@bcs.uk.


    BCS will not start the investigation into the appeal until payment has been made. A full refund will be made if the appeal is upheld (unless the appeal is for marks to be upgraded due to an illness and then the fee will not be returned). You can make payment by debit or credit card by calling the BCS Customer Service team on + 44 (0) 1793 417 424. Alternatively, you can send a cheque made payable to ‘BCS’. The standard appeal fee is £10.00 + VAT.

    BCS aim to acknowledge receipt of the appeal within two working days and provide a decision within 20 working days. This may take longer, for example, if a centre visit is required. In such instances, BCS will let you know of the likely timescale. If you do not agree with the BCS decision and wish to escalate the appeal so that it is assessed by an independent reviewer then you must advise BCS of this within 15 working days of their decision. There will be an additional £100.00 + VAT payment required. In the unlikely event that you are still unhappy with the outcome you are entitled to raise this directly with the relevant Regulator such as Ofqual or Qualification Wales.

    Oxford Brookes University promotes an inclusive and supportive environment, which enables all members of the university to reach their potential and celebrate their diversity. We embrace the spirit of all equalities legislation and related codes of conduct; we are committed to tackling all forms of unfair discrimination and to developing policies and practices to ensure these objectives.

    The ECDL Test Centre will adhere to the aims and values of those set out in the BCS Equal Opportunities Policy.

    The ECDL Test Centre and the British Computer Society (BCS) seeks to provide equal access to assessment for all candidates, ensuring that there are no unnecessary barriers to assessment and that any reasonable adjustments for candidates preserve the validity, reliability and integrity of the qualification.

    If you require reasonable adjustments, please discuss with the ECDL Test Centre Manager in the first instance.

    The procedure for requesting reasonable adjustments are detailed in the Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy.

    The Oxford Brookes Test Centre promises to adhere to the policies and procedures set out in the BCS Approved Centre Operations Manual, thereby preserving the integrity and quality of BCS qualifications.