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    Training dates for Spring and Summer 2020 are available and published in the application form.

    Google Apps are used for email, calendars, and document storage, sharing, and creation. You can create, manage, and share your documents with either Google My Drive or Google Shared Drive. You can  also store MS Office files, images, and video on the Google Drives.

    Google Apps are cloud based and available anywhere on the Internet, 24/7. You can access email, calendars, and documents, with your mobile devices, such as your tablet or smartphone. Please remember at all times to keep your data secure, especially if working in public places.

  • There are several options available for online training on Google.

    Join a one hour classroom session for an overview of Google.

    • Gmail including labels, filters, settings 
    • Calendar including settings, arranging meetings, and Meet 
    • Cloud computing and Cyber Security awareness.

    Scheduled sessions run every two weeks. Book Google New Starters

    Join a two hour classroom session to explore document sharing and collaborative working with Google Drive.

    • File storage options 
    • My Drive file management and document sharing 
    • Collaborative working 
    • Learn the differences between My Drive and Team Drive.

    Scheduled sessions run every month. Book a Google Drive Class

    You are also welcome to form a group among your colleagues. We offer customised Google workshops and presentations upon demand for small groups. Request a Google Workshop

    Request a Google one to one session and learn about other Google tools.

    • Google Sites enable you to build mobile device friendly websites, which are fully integrated with data stored on your My Drive.
    • Google Meet (formerly Hangouts) allow you to communicate with colleagues via video.
    • Google Forms are used to create questionnaires, surveys, or feedback forms. They provide a powerful way of collecting information.
    • Lucidcharts - third party modelling and flowchart application

    Google often launches new features without making big announcements. They also sometimes announce changes which only appear several months down the line. In some cases features are made available but restricted by the Google administrator at Brookes. This is why you may notice sudden changes or differences with private Gmail accounts or those of friends outside of the University.

    AUTUMN 2019

    • Google Sites - collapsible text boxes
    • Google Sheets - customize their charts in Google Sheets. Click directly on data labels, chart titles or legends and drag to reposition them. Or delete these elements using the delete key.
    • Google Sheets - Learn how to organize and analyze data with Google Sheets on Coursera
    • .new - create new files directly in your browser with “.new” domains. For example, you can type “Cal.new” into your browser to create a new Google Calendar event.