• Graphics

    IT Services supports learning, teaching and research by providing 1:1 tuition sponsored through the Student Tutor scheme.

    Create A1 posters - Format MS Word for dissertations - Using AV equipment - Get started with MS Word, Excel, or Powerpoint - Get started with Apple Pages - Design presentations styles - Get to know Lucidcharts - Cybersecurity protect yourself

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      IT Services provides high quality graphics software for students and staff: Adobe Creative Cloud including Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premier Pro. Other software includes Final Cut Pro X, Rhino, Google Sketchup, and AutoCAD.


      Graphics software is installed on a number of powerful Windows computers at Headington Campus. 4 PCs with unique curved screens are available in the JHBB Forum. 2 dual screen desktops are located in the Abercrombie building, groundfloor, opposite the west stairwell.