• Graphics
  • Graphics

    IT Services supports learning, teaching and research by providing high quality graphics software for students and staff. This software is available on a number of powerful dual screen Windows computers in the JHBB forum Learning Resources training room and the Abercrombie “stand-ups".

    If you require help in using this software, please book a session with the Student Tutors.

    • Graphics software

      Adobe Creative Cloud including Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premier Pro. Other software includes Rhino, Google Sketchup, and AutoCAD. Final Cut Pro X is available on the Graphics Tutor Apple desktop in the IT Training room.

    • Graphics PCs locations

      Graphics software is installed on a number of powerful dual screen Windows computers at Headington Campus. 4 PCs in JHB Forum Library Training Room; 2 PCs at Abercrombie “stand-ups". Map

    • Student Tutors

      Student Tutors provide 1:1 tuition showing you how to use graphics software, or create large format posters, or format MS Word docs. Book a Student Tutor