• Lecture Capture Mediasite
  • Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR)

    MDR is a screen and voice recording application. Using this software, it is possible to record everything you see (on your computer screen) and everything you say (into a connected microphone).

    The software is most commonly used for recording (capturing) lectures or seminar sessions which revolve around a screen-based presentation. It can also be used to produce resources for flipped-classroom activities plus the recording of ‘how to’ tutorials and instructional videos.

    When used for desktop recording (where you are sitting in front of your computer) a webcam can also be used to capture a video image of yourself. This extra video stream then becomes an additional part of the presentation, displayed alongside the recording of, for example, a PowerPoint presentation, or a demonstration of how to use a piece of software.

    Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) - problem in some teaching rooms

    There's a problem starting MDR in some teaching rooms with older machines. 
    When you try the initial first step of Register MDR, you may get the message 'The Mediasite service is not running'.

    If that happens, close MDR and do the following:

    Open the AppsAnywhere icon on the desktop.

    Search for the app 'MDR Service Installer' and Run it.
    The MDR service will take a minute to install.
    You can then Register MDR, and it will load successfully.

  • Mediasite Desktop Recorder - Training Guide 
    Includes set up and registration, and how to make a recording

    JISC:  Recording lectures: legal considerations

    Video clips:

    Using MDR in a teaching room (8m 16s)

    Make a recording available to others (1m 30s)

    Make a recording available through Moodle (2mins)

    Embed a recording into Moodle (1 mins)

    Top and tail a recording (1m 40s)

    How to cut out a section from a recording  (1m 40s)

    Fixed Lecture Capture:
    Lecture capture/live streaming is available in ten of our lecture theatres across the University. Find our more at Lecture Capture.