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    At Oxford Brookes University we offer two free Wi-Fi options to University staff, students and guests.

    Brookes WiFi is our guest Wi-Fi service available across all campuses. Please ask at your nearest reception or IT Service Desk for the password. If you are living in halls, please visit our Wi-Fi in Halls webpage for information the networks available to you there.

    We recommend that students and staff register for and use our eduroam service for the best Wi-Fi experience. It is the world-wide roaming access service that allows students, researchers and staff to obtain internet connectivity across campus and when visiting participating institutions. Eduroam is provided by JISC using its Janet network. You will need your Brookes student/staff number followed by @brookes.ac.uk and password.

    Fast and free for all your devices
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    To get your iOS and WINDOWS devices connected to eduroam, please visit https://cat.eduroam.org, select Oxford Brookes from the list of institutions and install. This will automatically download the correct access for your device. When asked to log in you will need to enter your University email address eg 12345678@brookes.ac.uk and password.

    For ANDROID devices, please go straight to Google Play and install the eduroamCAT app (GEANT), select Oxford Brookes from the list of institutions, then log in using your your University email address eg 12345678@brookes.ac.uk and password. 

      Wi-Fi for our guests

      To use the University's guest Wi-Fi, open up your device Wi-Fi settings and choose the network called Brookes WiFi. Then enter the password supplied to you once on campus.