Level 1, Vol. 1

  • Akiko Yamanaka Binns, Shinsuke Takasaki, Bambi Morino, and Yumi Katoh (Authors)

    Kotaro Chiba, Nancy Lane, Pana Stamos, and Kit Wagstaff (Illustrators)

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    The collection of beautifully-illustrated stories in this new elementary level reader includes re-told traditional Japanese stories Yamata no Orochi and Setsubun no Oni and the classic tale, Alice in Wonderland, plus two new stories, The Three Friends and Mari’s Blue Pot.

    With a vocabulary range of 500 words and 500–1,500 characters per story, Level 1 Volume 1 of ‘Let’s Read Japanese’ is equivalent to Level A1 (CEFR) and Novice (ACTFL).

    The text has been carefully graded, ie. vocabulary and grammar are controlled, so that learners of Japanese can start enjoying reading a ‘story’ from the early stage of their learning. The Let’s read Japanese series provides the ideal complement to the student's Japanese learning with a selection of books which can be read for pleasure.

    I absolutely recommend this product if you're working through your JLPT N5 and would like to read and expand your vocabulary using Japanese text in a real book.

    Amazon customer

    I love the level system that they are implementing in this series. I'm looking forward to the rest of the books.

    Amazon customer

    The sentence structure is simple but the stories are interesting. Perfect for a late elementary or early intermediate Japanese student to practice their reading skills.… Is there a better way to learn new vocabulary than through a story?

    Amazon customer

    I've had a hard time finding something simple enough for me to tackle, yet interesting enough to want to read. This is a winner.

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    Re-told by Yumi Katoh

    Illustrated by Kotaro Chiba

    A God named Susanoo descends upon Izumo no Kuni. He comes across a desperate family in fear of the return of Orochi, a monstrous snake. Can Susanoo save the last daughter of the family?


    Re-told by Bambi Morino

    Illustrated by Nancy Lane

    The third of February is a day of Setsubun when people throw beans saying, “Good luck in, bad luck out!” A lonely old man tries this ritual again, but this time in the opposite way, calling in bad luck…


    Re-told by Bambi Morino

    Illustrated by Kit Wagstaff

    Alice spots a talking white rabbit and follows him down a rabbit hole. She encounters many strange characters and witnesses curious things, but is it all a dream?


    By Shinsuke Takasaki

    Illustrated by Pana Stamos

    The paths of three second year students from the same junior high school with very different personalities and popularity end up meeting. This will be the beginning of a true friendship.


    By Akiko Yamanaka

    Illustrated by Kotaro Chiba

    Mari neglects her duties, as she prefers to read manga all day. Suddenly, she is confronted by her passion, which is a little frightening…

  • Product details

    Publisher: Oxford Brookes University; July 2015   
    Language: Japanese
    Levels:  A1 (CEFR) / Novice (ACTFL) 
    Vocabulary range: 500
    Characters per story: 500-1500
    ISBN-13: 978 0992929947    
    Format: 234 x 156mm, 84 pages, with full colour illustrations throughout
    Editor: Dr Irène Hill
    Japanese Supervisor: Suzuko Anai
    Design: Syndicut

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