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    This first volume of five stories ranges from a retelling of the traditional story of TheGrateful Crane or the ever-popular Snow Queen to original new stories that introduce the reader to the language and culture of today’s Japan. By the end of this collection the reader will be able to understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance.

    Texts are graded, ie. vocabulary and grammar are controlled, so that learners of Japanese can start enjoying reading a ’story’ from the early stage of their learning. The Let’s read Japanese series provides the ideal complement to the student's Japanese learning with a selection of books which can be read for pleasure.

    Fantastic series of books to bridge the gap between beginner and advanced Japanese.

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    Re-told by S.Anai and K.Ikeshiro

    Illustrated by Peter Daly

    When a poor but happy old couple rescue an injured crane, and later give shelter to a mysterious young woman, they find their kindness repaid in a magical and poignant way.

    The Grateful Crane is an evocative tale of compassion, gratitude and the effect of our actions on others.


    Re-told by S.Anai and K.Ikeshiro

    Illustrated by Kotaro Chiba

    Prince Ushiwaka (Minamoto Yoshitsune) is one of the most beloved heroes in Japan. A skillful samurai, he defeated many enemies in the war-torn 12th Century.

    Yoshitsune's story begins when he learns how his father was killed in battle by a rival clan. A lonely boy living in the mountains, Yoshitsune makes a pledge to be strong with his sword to avenge the past…


    By A. Newton
    Illustrated by Nancy Lane

    This classic tale begins when the Devil’s disciples drop a magic mirror, which shatters into billions of pieces, making people’s eyes see ugly things and their hearts freeze. Two friends, Kai and Gerda, are happily playing as the broken glass enters Kai’s eyes and heart and transforms him into a cruel boy. Soon Kai encounters the formidable Snow Queen…


    by S. Takasaki

    Illustrated by Pana Stamos

    A strange, sobbing mobile call leads Natsuki, Shota and Kyohei from their favourite cafe to visit a derelict old temple and graveyard. There they resurrect a fallen stone statue.

    The Mystery of an Old Temple is an atmospheric story of three friends and supernatural events.


    by A. Yamanaka-Binns

    Illustrated by Judith Loske

    One quiet morning, a young man is standing at the gate of Tokyo’s oldest temple where the Gods of wind and thunder stand. When a black cat walks by and mews, a strong wind blows and extraordinary events start to take place! Is it all a dream? The cat is there throughout it all…


    Product details

    Publisher: Oxford Brookes University; September 2014
    Language: Japanese
    Levels: A2-2 (CEFR) / Intermediate (ACTFL)
    Vocabulary range: 800
    Characters per story: 1500-2000
    ISBN-13: 978-0-9929299-0-9
    Product Dimensions: 234 x 156mm, 84 pages, with full colour illustrations throughout 
    Editor: Dr Irène Hill
    Japanese Supervisor: Suzuko Anai
    Design: Syndicut 

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