Level 2, Vol. 2

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    lrj_a2-1_v2_jpgIn this second volumeof five stories, the reader is given a Japanese version of the classic Puss in Boots, a re-telling of the traditional story of The Carpenter and the Demon together with original stories including one in which a young Japanese jazz pianist travels to New York in Masaru Comes Home. All beautifully-illustrated in traditional and modern style, the books in this collection will enable the reader to be able to understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance.

    The Let’s read Japanese series provides the ideal complement to the student's Japanese learning with a selection of books which can be read for pleasure.

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  • TheCarpenterandtheDemon_jpg

    Re-told by A. Newton

    Illustrated by Nancy Lane

    When a carpenter enters into an unwanted deal with a vile demon, he risks losing his eyeballs if the demon can build a bridge over a turbulent river. The carpenter’s only chance to escape his gruesome fate is to correctly guess the demon’s name…


    Re-told by S. Anai

    Illustrated by Peter Daly

    The legendary, romantic story behind two stars on the East and West of the Milky Way…

    When two lovers in Heaven, Orihime and Hikoboshi, incite the anger of God, they are separated by the Milky Way and are only allowed to meet on one day each year - Tanabata.


    by A. Newton

    Illustrated by Kotaro Chiba

    When the youngest son of a poor miller inherits only his father's cat  - he laments. But appearances prove deceptive as Puss puts on a pair of boots and sets out to make his master's fortune!

    The renowned tale of how an ingenious cat outwits the King, overcomes a wizard and wins a princess!


    by S. Takasaki

    Illustrated by Pana Stamos

    According to legend, Tanabata is the only day of the year when two lovers in Heaven can meet. When Natsuki's cat, Myu, is unwell on Tanabata she makes a special wish.

    In an enthralling adventure, Natsuki and her friends reunite Myu with her mate.


    by A. Yamanaka-Binns

    Illustrated by Judith Loske

    The young Masaru flies to New York to follow his ambition to become a Jazz pianist, leaving his family’s Buddhist altar shop and old Japanese traditions behind. But when music and scenes from the Sanja Festival start recurring in his mind, Masaru feels he must return home to Japan...

  • Product details

    Publisher: Oxford Brookes University; September 2014   
    Language: Japanese
    Levels: A2-2 (CEFR) / Intermediate (ACTFL)
    Vocabulary range: 800
    Characters per story: 1500-2000
    ISBN-13: 978 0 9929299 1 6    
    Format: 234 x 156mm, 84 pages, with full colour illustrations throughout
    Editor: Dr Irène Hill
    Japanese Supervisor: Suzuko Anai
    Design: Syndicut

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