Level 3, Vol. 1

  • A. Yamanaka-Binns, M. Ogawa (Authors)

    Kenji Mori, Kotaro Chiba (Illustrators)

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    The books include famous stories from Japan and other parts of the world re-tellings of traditional stories, classic tales, Japanese legends and poems, as well as some newly-commissioned stories all designed to introduce particular aspects of Japanese culture and society. The stories complement any textbook being used by a student of Japanese anywhere in the world; the books are ideal for those learning in language schools or through self-study. With beautiful colour illustrations woven throughout the text, based on classic and contemporary Japanese art, the Let s Read Japanese series will ensure hours of pleasurable learning and practice. This volume includes traditional Japanese stories, a classic fairy tale, some newly commissioned stories and a collection of Japanese poems, with beautiful colour illustrations by Kenji Mori and Kotaro Chiba woven throughout. 1 Lady Murasaki by A. Yamanaka 2 Read Candles and the Mermaids by M. Ogawa 3 Collection of Haiku 4 The Futamata Tunnel Explosion.


    Product details

    Publisher: Oxford Brookes University; October 2017    
    Language: Japanese
    Vocabulary range:  
    Characters per story:  
    ISBN-13: 978-1999741204 
    Product Dimensions: 234 x 11mm x 156mm, with full colour illustrations throughout 
    Editor: Dr Irène Hill
    Japanese Supervisor: Suzuko Anai
    Design: Syndicut 

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