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Sensus Access

Use the Sensus Access service to convert a document from an inaccessible format (eg. image only PDF file, JPEG pictures , Powerpoint presentations) into an accessible format, including e-book, MP3 or DAISY audio book or digital braille.

The service is embedded further down this web page.

To use the service there are 4 simple steps:

  • Upload your file
  • Choose the type of file you would like returned
  • Select the output file options you need
  • Enter your Brookes email address. A link to your converted file will be emailed for you to open or download.

Conditions of use

You can make an accessible copy if

  • you own the copyright (ie. it’s your own work)
  • you have permission from the copyright owner
  • the copyright has expired
  • you have a print disability or if it’s for someone with a print disability.

You need to agree that:

Please note by using this service you consent to the sharing of limited personal data with Sensus ApS. For further information please see the SensusAccess privacy policy here (

Use Sensus Access to convert a file

Get help

Library staff are always ready to help you with guidance on how to search for and use resources. Visit the Library Help Zone, JHB Level 1 (Library Enquiry Desks at other Brookes libraries).

+44 (0) 1865 483156

Give your feedback on Sensus Access

Give us your feedback on the Sensus service via a Google form (requires a Brookes login)

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