Google Chromebooks

  • We have teamed up with the university’s IT Services department to provide Google Chromebooks at the Wheatley and Harcourt Hill libraries. Chromebooks are also available for loan from the self-service cabinet on the ground floor of the JHB Building, in the Forum foyer close to Cafe Central.

  • A Chromebook is a different type of laptop. It runs a web browser (Google Chrome) and nothing else. Because you need to be connected to the internet to use one, OBU Chromebooks will only work where there is an Eduroam connection. (Eduroam is the university's wireless service.) You should find that it starts up more quickly than a PC or laptop because it does not run many processes. Anything you can do via the internet you can do on a Chromebook.
    The Chromebook is ideal for email, web searches, accessing the Virtual Learning Environment, searching library databases - in fact, pretty much anything that is internet-based (but not Java - or Silverlight).
    They provide instant use, are fast and require very little maintenance (so we can get them into your hands quickly).
    Because it is web-based, it runs Google's own applications which include word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and, of course, Google Mail.
    Chromebooks use web apps and websites, so you can't install traditional software on them.

    You use your Brookes student ID followed by and (Google) email password.

    You do not need to set up an Eduroam account - it is already pre-configured, simply select it from the drop-down menu of available networks.

    No, but you can access your Google Drive.
    Up to 4 hours during staffed hours. But you can renew your loan by taking the Chromebook back to the library counter (at Harcourt Hill and Wheatley only). Renewals are only available when library staff are on duty. (Security staff cannot carry out renewals.)
    No, it's first-come, first-served.
    Yes, but you will need to return it to the library where it was issued.
    The standard library loan terms apply. In particular, 'anyone borrowing materials from the Library is responsible for their care and safe return on or before the date due.' So, don't leave it unattended, not even in the library.
    Unfortunately not yet.
    Add your comments to the loan slip which comes with the Chromebook and/or speak to one of the staff at the library desks.