Reserving items

  • If an item that you need is already on loan to someone else or is at another site, you may reserve it. When it is available we will keep it for you to collect within 7 days.
    The quickest way to obtain material that is not on loan from your home site is to collect it yourself from the library shelves.

  • How do I place a hold on an item?

    You will need to search for the item using LibrarySearch.

    • Once you have found the item on the LibrarySearch, click on the item title to view more details
    • In item details area look for the heading "Oxford Brookes University" and click on the 'Place Hold' button below this heading
    • You may be prompted to sign in - use your Brookes ID and password
    • Choose the Library from which you wish to collect the item
    • Click on the Submit button
    • When you have finished placing your hold, remember to sign out using button near the top of the screen

    If you experience any difficulty in placing a hold, please ask the library staff for help.

    What if I want an item from another site?

    • You may place a hold on items from other sites that are on loan or not on loan 
    • Remember to select the Library from which you want to collect the item 

    How do I place a hold on an item that is "On order" or "Not yet available"?

    • You may place a hold on items that are "on order" or "not yet available" but to do this you will need to ask at the Library Help Zone/Enquiry Desk 

    Short Loan items

    • It is not possible to place holds on items from the Short Loan Collection

    How many holds may I have?

    • You may have 15 active holds at any one time
    • As soon as an item is ready for collection it is dropped from your quota of active holds

    How will I know when my hold is available for collection?

    • An email will be sent to your Brookes address when your hold is available .  External borrowers and temporary members will be notified by email if an address has been provided
    • You can check the availability of your holds via My Account

    Where should I collect my hold?

    Your hold can be collected from the location you selected when you made it. 

    • At Harcourt Hill you can collect holds from the shelves next to the self issue machines in the Library foyer. 
    • At Headington you can collect holds from the Short Loan and Reservations area, next to the Welcome Desk, on level 1
    • At Swindon you can collect holds from the area next to the journals
    • At Wheatley you can collect holds from the library help desk. 

    Why is the book I placed a hold on not yet available?

    LibrarySearch will give information which may show why a book you have placed a hold on is not yet available:

    • If a book is on loan, the date it is due back will be shown
    • The number of holds that have been placed on a book is given.  If this is a high number before you place your reservation, there may be some delay in the book becoming available  

    Please contact library staff if you need more details about the progress of your hold.