Search catalogues and databases with EndNote

  • You can connect directly to various Internet resources (databases and library catalogues) using EndNote's Online search feature. This connection can be made to any resource which uses the Z39.50 computer protocol standard.

    Using this feature gives you the opportunity to use a resource through the EndNote search interface and bring the references directly into EndNote. It is quick because you do not have to go through the steps of finding the resource on your web browser, exporting or downloading data to a file and then importing references to EndNote.

    However, you need to be aware that the advanced and sophisticated searching techniques and other enhancements offered by web-based databases or catalogues may not be available to you when you are using connection files and this may affect the quality of the search results you get.

    Instructions for online search

      • From the Tools menu, choose Online search.
      • Highlight a library catalogue or database from the list. Click Choose.
      • Once you are connected, the Search tab below your EndNote library will change to read Search Remote Library and the name of the catalogue/database you have selected is highlighted in the left hand panel. Carry out your search using the search boxes.
      • Your search results will automatically form a group under the heading Online search. The references will also be displayed in the window below the search boxes. To add any results to your EndNote library, highlight the reference/s and select the arrow icon (Copy to Local Library) to the right of the list of styles in your toolbar. These references will be added to the All References group of your library.
      • Select the book icon (above the left hand panel) to leave the online search mode and return to your EndNote library.

    Databases available for online search

    Although EndNote supplies hundreds of connection files to databases, many of these will not work for Oxford Brookes users either because the Library does not have a subscription to the database or because the connection file is pointing to a server to which we do not have access. At the moment, we know that the following database connection files in EndNote will work:

      • PubMed
      • Web of Science (on campus use only)
      • Zetoc (on campus use only) - click OK if a password box appears.
      • To avoid confusion, all other database connection files have been removed from the network version of EndNote.

    Library catalogues available for online search

    Available catalogues include:

      • The British Library
      • University of Oxford
      • Library of Congress
      • It is not possible at the moment to search our LibrarySearch by this method. However you can export records from LibrarySearch into EndNote: see our pages for EndNote and EndNote Web for help with this.