Using import filters and direct export features

  • Import filters and direct export features allow you to import references from databases and other resources into EndNote. The references you are importing must include labels (or tags) that identify the information which is in the references. These labels point to corresponding fields in an EndNote record so that the data is imported correctly.

    Many of EndNote's import filters and direct export features provided by electronic resources have some limitations. In many cases this is because the original data is poorly labelled and/or is inconsistent in layout. It is therefore difficult for EndNote to interpret the data when it is imported. Also database providers change the labels or record layout from time to time and an import method can suddenly stop working. If this happens, please let us know and we will investigate the problem.

    Before you use any import filter for the first time, read the filter comments; here the types of problems you may encounter are listed.
    To read the filter comments:

    • From the EndNote Edit menu, choose Import Filters, Open Filter Manager.
    • Highlight the filter you are interested in.
    • In the Comments box at the bottom of the screen you will see some notes. Not all the information displays immediately, use the up and down arrows to read all the information or click on the centre button in the top right corner of the window to increase the window size.

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