Using the Brookes Harvard referencing style with EndNote Web ("roaming access")

  • My department requires me to put my references in the Harvard style. Can I do this with EndNote Web?

    Yes, we have created the Brookes Harvard referencing style for EndNote Web which matches the Harvard guidance given in Cite Them Right Online. Please note there are 2 versions of this style - the only difference is in how they deal with multiple authors. Check with your department if you are unsure which version you should use:

    • 'BrookesHarvard' uses 'et al' for 4 or more authors in the bibliography.
    • 'BrookesHarvardAllAuthors' lists all authors in the bibliography regardless of number. This is a requirement of some departments (especially in the sciences) and therefore we have provided an alternative style.

    NB There are some variations in local practice at Brookes, so always check with your department about what they require and whether the style you're using is acceptable.

    How do I get the Brookes Harvard style for EndNote Web?

    In order to use the Brookes Harvard styles and many others, you will need to make sure that your EndNote Web account is linked to your Brookes account - this is known as "roaming access": 

    To check whether you have roaming access activated, go to EndNote Web and log into your account. Choose the 'Options' tab and then 'Subscription'. You'll see your account information which will indicate whether you currently have roaming access or not. If you haven't got roaming access, sign out of your account and follow these steps:

    • In a new tab, go to the login page for Web of Science.
    • At the white and blue login screen look for the Institutional Login heading, select 'UK Federation' from the drop-down list and click the 'Go' button.
    • On the 'Which organisation would you like to sign in with?' page search for Oxford Brookes University and click the 'Continue' button.
    • Sign in with your Brookes ID and password.
    • On the Web of Science page, look for an EndNote link near the top of the screen. Click this link.
    • You’ll then be returned to the EndNote Web sign in page. Sign back in with your email address and EndNote password. Choose 'Options' and then 'Subscription' (as above) to check your roaming access has been activated.

    My department requires me to put my references in a different style. Can I do this with EndNote Web?

    Yes, a wide range of other referencing styles are available to Brookes users on EndNote Web. See Using EndNote Web with Word - 'What referencing styles are available in EndNote Web?'