Tips on searching the Library catalogue

  • Searching for journals (and articles that appear in journals)

    The Library Catalogue lists all print journals and some (peer-reviewed) electronic journals by their title, and shows which library site the journal is held at, what its shelfmark is (if in print format), and the years held by the Library.

    If you are looking for a particular journal article, enter the journal title in the search box. Do not search using the article title. If your search returns lots of titles, click on the 'Electronic and Printed Journals Catalogue' link on the left hand side of the screen to narrow your search to journals only.

    If you are interested in searching for journals on a particular topic, you’ll need to use an index or database service - select one or more from our A-Z list of indexing and database services.

    If you are interested in e-journals only, you may prefer to go directly to our A-Z e-journals service where you will be able to access all our electronic journals.

    Searching by shelfmark

    To search for material at a particular shelfmark, enter the shelfmark into the search box as follows: class:shelfmark. Don’t include any letters after the shelfmark in your search. For example, to find a list of books at 711.13, enter class:711.13

    To search a range of shelfmarks, enter the shelfmarks into the search box as follows: class:[shelfmark TO shelfmark] For example, to find a list of books at 711.12 and 711.13, enter class:[711.12 TO 711.13]

    Searching by format

    It is possible to search for everything we have on the Catalogue in a particular format. The formats are: kit, object, dvd, compact disc, ebook, cd-rom, thesis, ejournal, electronic resource, and journal.

    Format searches can be entered in the main search box as follows:

    • format:kit
    • format:object
    • format:dvd
    • format:dvd-rom
    • format:compact_disc (for sound recordings)
    • format:ebook
    • format:cd-rom (for computer disks)
    • format:thesis
    • format:ejournal
    • format:electronic_resource (for all e-provision)
    • format:journal (for printed journals)