Using the Library Catalogue

    • The key to finding information is the Library Catalogue. This gives details of all material held in the Library, which library site holds the material and the shelfmark ( the number used to arrange materials on the shelves). A two-minute video tutorial on using the catalogue is available.
    • The Catalogue will also tell you if an item is out on loan and, if so, when it is due back.

    Making sense of your reading list

    • Further help is available from our library skills tutorial 'Making sense of your reading list'. Log in to the Brookes Virtual Gateway and register yourself. The Library skills tutorials are in the Library services section of the course listings.

    Finding books on reading lists

    • If you are looking for a particular book and already know the author's name and the title, enter the author's surname and one or two words from the title in the search box.
    • Many of the reading lists are available on our electronic resource list which you can search by module number, lecturer or title.

    Finding journal articles on reading lists

    • If you are looking for a particular journal article, you will need to enter the journal title in the search box and run the search. Do not search using the article title. Once you have run the search, look on the left-hand side of the screen for the heading 'Collections' and click on 'Electronic & Printed Journals Catalogue' from the list of options. This will narrow down the search and exclude books and other non-journal material from your list of search results.
    • Journal articles are often shown on reading lists as in the example below:
      • Morgen, Sandra. 1990. Beyond the double day. Feminist Studies 16: 53-68.
    • In this example, you would need to search for the journal title Feminist Studies.
    • All journals are shown with a shelfmark preceded by J

    For more information on how to search see our Catalogue help pages.

    Searching by topic on the Catalogue

    If you want to know where to find information on a particular topic, start with the main word or words that describe the topic. For a tourist guide to Spain, for example, try spain guide or spain guidebooks. For items on the history of Spain, try spain history. More specifically, for the Spanish Civil War, try spain civil war or spanish civil war. This type of search will list all the records containing all the works you have used in your search.

    You can also use one or more of the other search boxes on the More search options page to limit the search to an exact phrase, to find one or more of a list of words, or to exclude specific words.

    Once you have run the search, options to limit the search will be shown on the left-hand side of the the results page. Click on one of these choices to limit the search.

    For more information on how to search see our Catalogue help pages or view our How to search the Library catalogue video guide.

    The Library Catalogue is available via the Library and pooled computer room PCs and the web.