Collection management policy - section 4 - journals and standing orders

  • Subscribing to a journal or a standing order represents an ongoing commitment of funds and staff time. Some of the criteria used for selection are therefore different from those used in the selection of one-off items.

    4.1 Selection

    Responsibility for selection lies with Library subject staff, in consultation with academic staff. They will include the following criteria when considering new journal subscriptions:

    • Quality of the publication
    • Likely ongoing relevance to courses taught at Oxford Brookes
    • Cost, including likely inflation (generally higher on journals than on book prices)
    • Whether indexed in an abstracting or indexing service to which Library users have access

    Library and academic staff should bear in mind that increasing overall spending on journal subscriptions and standing orders correspondingly reduces the proportion of the materials budget that is available for books in that subject area.

    4.2 Review

    Journal subscriptions and standing orders will be regularly reviewed in the light of ongoing relevance, quality and cost in close consultation with academics.

    4.3 Loan category

    Journals are for reference only.

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