• We always appreciate it if people offer to donate books and other items to the Library.  However, space in the Library is limited and we need to be very selective about the items we accept.

    Please don't be surprised or upset if we politely decline your kind offer.


    Small donations

    If you wish to donate up to 10 items, you may bring them to the Library without prior arrangement.  Please bring them to the Help Zone or Enquiry Desk and we will pass them to the appropriate Academic Liaison Librarian; they will consider whether to keep them for the Library or not.


    Larger donations (more than 10 items)

    Please contact the relevant Academic Liaison Librarian (PDF document) (or if you are unsure which Academic Liaison Librarian to contact) and provide details of what you would like to offer to the Library.  Please do not bring donations of more than 10 items to the Library without confirmation from one of the Academic Liaison Librarians that the donation has been accepted and without prior arrangement for receiving the delivery.


    Criteria for accepting donations

    We are more likely to accept donations and add items to library stock:

    -          if they are relevant to the University’s teaching and research

    -          if they do not duplicate what we already have (except for material in particularly high demand)

    -          if they are the latest editions of a textbook

    -          if they are recently published scholarly publications

    -          if they are in good condition


    What will happen to your donations

    The items will be reviewed by the relevant Academic Liaison Librarian.  They may be added to the Library’s stock (but they may be withdrawn from stock in future if no longer required).  We may pass your donations to an alternative suitable organisation for re-sale, re-use or recycling (and any money received from re-sale will be retained by the Library).


    Alternative places to donate

    Oxfam and BetterWorldBooks accept donations of books.