Library regulations

    1. Books and other library materials (apart from journals and items designated for reference use only) may be borrowed from the Library by registered borrowers.

    2. A University smartcard or other borrower/Library card may only be used by the person named on the card.

    3. Anyone borrowing materials from the Library is responsible for their care and safe return on or before the date due. Fines are charged when materials are returned late.

    4. Borrowers are personally responsible for all materials borrowed on their cards and will be required to pay the cost of replacement or repair of material which is lost, damaged or not returned.

    5. The unauthorized removal of library materials will be treated as theft.

    6. Library materials must not be mutilated nor library equipment misused.

    7. Users must not bring hot food or alcoholic drinks into the Library, nor by their conduct disturb others. [Note: cold snacks and lidded drinks are permitted but please be considerate of those around you and avoid smelly, noisy or messy food or drinks.]

    8. Library users must produce their University smartcard or borrower/Library card for examination on request by library and security staff.

    9. The University cannot accept responsibility for any damage to or theft of library users' property.

    10. Contravention of these regulations may result in suspension from further use of the Library, and in disciplinary action.

    Note: Users of the Library are subject to the University Regulations, of which the Library Regulations are a part.