Electronic submission of theses - copyright guidelines

  • These are resources for dealing with copyright material that you would like to include in the electronic version of your PhD thesis.

    Candidate's Declaration Form - this links to the form you fill in when you submit the final paper and electronic versions of your thesis. The form gives details of options for dealing with copyright material in your thesis.

    Asking for permission to include copyright material in your thesis

    - a template letter (Word)

    Using images and other material from the internet

    Material on websites is protected by UK copyright law. Some websites have clear information about the terms and conditions under which their material may be used; you should follow these terms and conditions.

    There are some websites like Flickr and Wikimedia Commons which contain lots of useful images which can be used in non-commercial online publications like the electronic version of your thesis. However, you should be aware that these and other websites contain images and other material which have been illegally copied; these websites may give misleading advice about how this material may be used. If you need to consider whether the copyright advice given on a website is reliable, check whether the material on the website was contributed by the person or organisation who created or owns the copyright in the material. If there is no clear and reliable copyright information associated with material on a website, then you should not include this material in the electronic version of your thesis.

    Sources of information relating to using other people's copyright material

    Copyright and Publication - this Moodle course covers some of the basics of identifying whether an image is available for use in your thesis.  The course takes about an hour to complete.

    Further information and help

    Contact Dan Croft , Scholarly Communications and Research Team Leader 
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