• Discover is a new Library service designed to make your searching easier. Using Discover will help you find - in one search - resources within and beyond our libraries. Discover contains the things you need for your studies and your research: Books, e-books, journal articles, databases, conference papers as well as teaching, learning and research materials from RADAR, our Research Archive and Digital Asset Repository.

    What does Discover search?

    You can search Discover - quickly and easily - in different ways. There are options for:

    • Everything: The Library catalogue, journal articles, databases, conference papers, and RADAR.
    • Library Catalogue: The Oxford Brookes Library catalogue only.
    • Articles: Journal articles, book chapters, conference papers and more.
    • RADAR: The Oxford Brookes RADAR, Research Archive and Digital Asset Repository, which contains teaching, learning and research materials created by the University and its staff.
    • EBSCO: The content of EBSCO databases, many with links to full-text, not included in Everything and Articles searches.

    Additional search options

    You can also search the Library e-journals and databases collections following the links on the Discover menu bar:

    • Find e-journals: Discover our e-journals from the A-Z list of all our e-journal titles
    • Find Databases: Discover our databases from the A-Z list of all our databases

    bx Hot Articles

    Hot Articles show you - in real time - which articles are being used in your subject area. You can also download the bx Hot Articles app to your smart phone to keep up-to-date with what articles are popular in your area.

    On and off campus access

    Accessing content via Discover is just as easy on and off campus. Logging on is the same no matter where you are. To access content which the Library subscribes to you will need to log on using your Brookes login. You will only need to do this once each time you use Discover.

    Discover on your mobile

    Discover can be searched from your mobile phone or tablet making it available to you wherever and whenever you need it.