Passwords and other access information

  • Passwords and other access information

    To access most of our resources, particularly if you are off-campus, you will need a password. Password information is linked from title entries for journals, databases and newspapers.
    For many resources you will need to log in with your Brookes ID and password.
    Some resources use other passwords. Passwords for these are in the Library Electronic Resources section of your PIP pages.

    Access information

    Most of the resources can be accessed from the Library and pooled room PCs. Many of them can also be used from off-campus. A few are only available from Short Loan in the Library. The title entry details will tell you this.

    Most of our resources are available only to staff and students of Oxford Brookes University and their use is subject to the university's IT regulations.

    Problems: If you encounter problems with any of our resources, please let us know. Email or report the problem to staff at the Library Enquiry Desks.

    Searching for databases

    You can search for our electronic databases by database title, keyword, or subject. The title entry indicates if the database is available from Short Loan or from Library and pooled room PCs. For Web databases, an option to connect to the database is given. The entry also indicates if the database is available off campus.

    Unable to connect? You can also link to our electronic resources through your PIP pages.

    Searching for electronic journals

    You can search for our electronic journals by journal title, keyword or subject. You can also search our collections of electronic journals.

    If you search the Library Catalogue for an electronic journal, access to the e-journal service is now available from 'Access details'. You can view the access methods available (many e-journals have more than one to choose from) and click on a link to connect to the journal Web site.
    Please note
    that when you are on a dedicated Catalogue PC in the Library you won’t be able to access the Web sites from that PC.